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gallery Federal Project
(Alexandria National Cemetery)

  1. President Abraham Lincoln House 10th Street NW, Washington DC– Abatement and Demolition
  2. Alexandria National Cemetery – Alexandria VA – Abatement and demolition
  3. Cater G. Woodson Home – 9th Street NW, Washington DC – Abatement and selective demolition
  4. Walter Reed Hospital Center, Washington DC – Abatement only
gallery State Project (Randallstown High School)

  1. Randallstown High School – Baltimore County, MD – Abatement 67,000 square feet of asbestos ceiling tiles
  2. Glyndon Elementary School – Baltimore County, MD Abatement and demolition of 50 doors and 32 windows
  3. Bernard Harris Elementary School – Baltimore City, MD Abatement and demolition of windows and doors
  4. Dunbar High School – Baltimore City, MD, Abatement and demolition of 210 windows
  5. North Bend Elementary School, Baltimore City, MD Abatement and demolition
  6. Parksville Middle School, Baltimore County, MD abatement only ceiling tiles
  7. Roosevelt High School, Washington, DC Abatement only floor tiles
gallery Commercial Project
(Asbestos Pipe Insulation Removal)
gallery Residential Project
gallery Commercial Project
(Demolition work in a Factory)

  1. Holiday Inn hotel, Washington DC – Abatement Pipe insulations
  2. The Concord Condo, Washington, DC Abatement
  3. CT Management apartment complexes abatement done at four of their properties. In DC metro area
  4. The Korean Store, PG County, MD Abatement
  5. Maliwein Embassy, Washington, DC Abatement and demolition
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